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Nueva imagen de Superman de las figuras de acción de Mattel para “Justice League”

Seguimos viendo a Superman cada vez más seguido en los productos y promociones de la película.
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El arte del lado de la caja  de la figura de acción Multiverse de Superman de Mattel para "Liga de Justicia" ofrece otra nueva imagen de Henry Cavill como Superman para la próxima película.

La imagen de los lados de todas las cajas de las figuras de acción para el set de figuras de acción de la Liga de la Justicia de Mattel fue puesta recientemente en Instagram.

J U S T I C E  L E A G U E D C  M U L T I V E R S E S T E P P E N W O L F - B A F Finally got the whole wave today! DC Multiverse has been a hit and miss but this wave is a worthy addition to your collection.  Absolutely hated the Batman V Superman line as well as the horrible Suicide Squad Multiverse figures. But #Mattel really improved this line with their Wonder Woman Movie Wave. Now comes #JusticeLeague which I think is still an improvement with a few exceptions.  Superman looks to be the same as the BVS figure, except for the cloth cape and a slightly retooled headsculpt, figure is also taller. Wonder Woman is EXACTLY the same as the Toys R Us Exclusive version except for her sword, also no shield included. Aquaman, The Flash, Tactical Batman, Cyborg are the clear must haves of this wave and the BAF Steppenwolf seems promising. Anyways, I'll post comparison shots as well as individual shots of the figures. Overall still a solid wave that you should get. STANDOUTS: Aquaman, The Flash, Batman, Cyborg OKAY: Superman, Wonder Woman

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